Atlantic Diving Supply Receives 176 Million Contract

1Atlantic Diving Supply Receives 176 Million Contract to purchase 425 shoulder mounting rocket launchers for the military. This order was added an already in place contract that was given to U.S. Defense Department.

This company will begin their work on the rocket launchers through September 7th, 2018 in New Hampshire and Lynchburg, Virginia.

The rocket launcher is an important multi purpose weapon for the military as it can provide heavy artillery while still being able to mobilize without the use of tanks to use on large targets while out in the field on a mission. The rocket launcher has been coined as a “bunker buster” because it can be used on buildings and larger targets that military personnel could not use with ordinary weapons alone. The people of the military find that the Rocket Launcher is a very useful weapon to have without using a tank so that their men and women are able to spread the field and get into more places while also having the firepower that they might need while on foot.

Examples of places that the Rocket Launcher has been used in recent times would be in Iraq and Afghanistan with a thermobaric warhead used for the rocket launchers.

There are now improved versions of the rocket launcher, which is partly why Atlantic Diving Supply Incorporated have received money to buy more rocket launchers for the military. The improved versions of the rocket launcher are called a SMAW Mod 2 rocket launcher which can be used in tighter, more enclosed areas while in combat. The previous design of the rocket launcher has been known to injure people due to the backblast that it gives off after firing it.


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